Memory Card

Divided into commercial EPLUS series and industrial series
Product Advantages

Using Longsys's self-developed firmware, with the ability to develop firmware;
Having obtained a number of core technology patents;
Widely used in security monitoring, industrial control, automotive electronics, medical and other fields.

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Product Parameter
Product Series NAND Flash Interface Capacity Speed Grade Transmission Speed Durability Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Thermal Shock
EPLUS V10 microSD TLC UHS-I 8GB/16GB/32GB C10 U1 V10 A1 Up to 100MB/s / -25℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃ /
EPLUS V30 SD/microSD TLC UHS-I 64GB/128GB/512GB C10 U3 V30 A2 Up to 100MB/s / -25℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃ /
Industrial SD/microSD Industrial TLC UHS-I 32GB/64GB/128GB/512GB C10 U3 V30 A1 Up to 100MB/s 3000 P/E -25℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃ -25℃~85℃
Industrial WT SD/microSD MLC/Industrial TLC UHS-I 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB C10 U3 V30 A1 Up to 100MB/s 5000/3000 P/E -40℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃
Industrial pSLC microSD pSLC UHS-I 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB C10 U3 V30 A2 Up to 100MB/s 30000 P/E -40℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃ -40℃~85℃
Supports Power Failure Protection and S.M.A.R.T Function.

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Product Features
  • 01
    EPLUS V10 microSD

    For electronic education, story machine, wearable devices and other consumer electronics;Support fast read and write response, to solve the problem of audio interruption and distortion;Low power firmware architecture to solve the battery life problems of portable devices.

  • 02
    EPLUS V30 SD/microSD

    For consumer security monitoring, dashcam, hunting camera, sports camera and other consumer electronic fields;Supports 24 hours of uninterrupted video input to solve the problem that security monitoring cannot cycle overwrite, stop recording, and frame loss;V30 video speed level, support FHD, 4K, 8K HD recording.

  • 03
    Industrial SD/microSD

    For industrial security surveillance camera, vehicle surveillance camera and other industrial applications;High durability and reliability;Supports 24 - hour uninterrupted video input and multi-channel surveillance video input;Intelligent GC algorithm optimization, to maintain long-term data entry stability.

  • 04
    Industrial WT SD/microSD

    For automotive electronics, industrial control and other wide temperature, high reliability requirements of the industrial scale application market;Strict production process, comprehensively improve product quality and reliability;High reliability, stable operation in harsh environment.

  • 05
    Industrial pSLC microSD

    For the application of high quality standards;Using NAND Flash pSLC Mode to comprehensively improve the performance and durability;After high and low temperature impact screening out, in order to comprehensively improve product quality and reliability.

  • IPC

  • Automotive Electronics

  • DVR

  • Rail Traffic

  • Transportation

  • Dash camera

  • Medical

  • Industrial automation

  • Networking

  • Action camera

  • Hunting camera

  • Gaming

  • Drone

  • Electronic learning

  • Portable audio

  • Handy terminal

  • Wearable smart devices

  • Android™ devices