NAND-based MCP
NAND-based MCP

NAND-based MCP

Stacked packaging of Flash and LPDDR, saving PCB space
Product Advantages

Stacked packaging of Flash and LPDDR simplifies cabling design and saves PCB space.
A core voltage of 1.8V meets the low power consumption requirement of wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).
The product integrates DDR and NAND, which helps customers reduce the number of components to be purchased in the BOM, simplify purchase, and reduce costs.

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Product Parameter
Product Series Package Capacity P/N Voltage Page Size Operating Temperature Size Data Sheet
NAND-based MCP BGA162 1Gb+1Gb F70ME0101D-RDWA NAND:1.8V
LPDDR2: 1.8V/1.2V
2K Byte -40℃~85℃ 8*10.5*1.0 mm Contact us
NAND-based MCP BGA162 4Gb+2Gb FS704B2R1CH6A2KAM NAND:1.8V
LPDDR2: 1.8V/1.2V
2K Byte -25℃~85℃ 8*10.5*1.0 mm Contact us
Product Features
  • 01
    SLC NAND and LPDDR 2 utilize multi-chip packaging.

  • 02
    The operating voltage can be 1.8V or 1.2V and complies with mainstream product standards.

  • 03
    The temperature ranges include –40°C to +85°C and –25°C to +85°C, providing more choices for customers.

  • 04
    Capacity combinations include 1Gb+1Gb, 2Gb+1Gb, 2Gb+2Gb, and 4Gb+2Gb, meeting various capacity requirements.

  • 05
    BGA162 packaging helps save the PCB space.

  • POS machine

  • Child watch

  • MIFI

  • 4G module

  • Fuction phone

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