40+ production tests, meeting various data caching demands
Product Advantages

The product has undergone 40+ production tests, including the aging test, high/low temperature tests, and pressure test, ensuring reliable quality.
The product features a 2xnm process and rate of up to 2133Mbps.
The product meets the data caching demands of network communication, consumer electronics, and smart devices.

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Product Parameter
Product Series Capacity Operating Temperature Package Voltage P/N Bit Width Rate Size Data Sheet
DDR3L 2Gb 0℃~85℃ BGA96 1.35V F60C1A0002-M6AR x16 1866Mbps 7.5*13.5*1.2 mm
DDR3L 2Gb -40℃~95℃ BGA96 1.35V F60C1A0002-M69W x16 1866Mbps 7.5*13.5*1.2 mm
DDR3L 4Gb 0℃~85℃ BGA96 1.35V F60C1A0004-M79R x16 1866Mbps 7.5*13.5*1.2 mm
DDR3L 4Gb -40℃~95℃ BGA96 1.35V F60C1A0004-M79W x16 1866Mbps 7.5*13.5*1.2 mm
Product Features
  • 01
    The DDR3L supports 1.35V and 1.5V operating voltages.

  • 02
    The DDR3L frequency can be 1866Mbps or 2133Mbps.

  • 03
    The temperature ranges include 0°C to 85°C and –25°C to +85°C, providing more choices for customers.

  • 04
    The capacity from 2Gbit to 4Gbit can meet various capacity requirements.

  • 05
    The bit widths include x8 and x16, which correspond to FBAG78 and FBGA96 packaging, respectively.

  • Game console

  • Smart speaker

  • Smart TV

  • POS machine

  • GPON

  • TV box

  • Home IPC

  • STB

  • Industrial IPC

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