Longsys Half SD4.0 Boosting Microsoft Surface Book with Storage Space Upgrade

According to market data, the sales volume of Microsoft Surface Book at present has exceeded 10 million pcs with the continuously rising shipment quantity. However, in contrast, the dissatisfaction from users for the storage capacity is also rising; for instance, the available capacity is only 83GB for 128GB version. The reason is the operation system of Windows 10 and various pre-loaded applications take up quite a large space, which undoubtedly and largely strikes purchase desire of users caring about storage capacity.

Seizing the opportunity, longsys has launched the unique high-speed expansion product Half SD4.0 to match Surface book, with the size perfectly fitting the card slot of Surface Book and the tail handle facilitating plugging and unplugging of users. The write speed can even be comparable with built-in SSD of Surface Book.

In terms of price, longsys Half SD4.0 also boasts advantages: with the same configuration, when SURFACE BOOK capacity increases 128GB, the price will raise USD 200 while longsys half SD4.0 price will only raise USD 100 with increasing of 256GB. With obvious cost advantage, it will lead a good direction for choices of wise consumers.


For more information, welcome to contact longsys staff.


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